Which Is an Ideal Time to Have Sex?

Which Is an Ideal Time to Have Sex?

An ideal time to have sex is when your physical and mental state of mind is relaxed. If your body and mind are not in perfect harmony, it is not going to have the desired effect. The right person needs to be present with you at the right time, so you can have a pulsating experience.

Everything mentioned above is true. But it is necessary that the body is biologically prepared; some hormones provide considerable pleasure and are present in certain body parts. Among myths, there is a curiosity in deciding which the best time to have sex is.

Sex at dawn is not a bad idea

Research indicates that an ideal time to have sex is at dawn. You may have seen couples sneaking out of parties without warning. Of course, they are horny and want to have sex since they are looking to spend the night alone. There is a scientific explanation behind that. Having sex at dawn is recommended as men and women tend to have high testosterone levels, which is an important requirement before sexual activity. Try list crawler to see beautiful girls and have sex anytime!

During mornings sexual activity is recommended as energy and hormone levels are high. Studies also suggest that a perfect duration of sex during this time is between 7 minutes to 13 minutes. To a few, it may seem little, but affection and intimacy are on the higher side.

The menstrual cycle of women has a role

Considering that morning is the best time to have sex, you also need to take into account a woman’s menstrual cycle. It is not only about the time of the day, but the quality of sexual encounters is dependent upon the hormone levels that a woman possesses. In any case, an ideal time for a woman to have sex is when their testosterone and estrogen levels peak, which causes her libido to rise rapidly. Then the desire may sometimes seem uncontrollable.

To conclude, regardless of the time and level of the relationship, it is important that you focus on fostering bonds. Enjoy every moment in the company of each other.