Was Nguyen Van Duong The Mastermind Behind Rikvip?

As soon as the case was made public through various media outlets, many readers questioned whether Nguyen Van Duong was the mastermind behind Rikvip or if there were other individuals involved. According to the investigation results, aside from Duong, Phan Sao Nam was also the leader of this multi-billion gambling network.

Duong collaborated with Nam to establish the online card game systems Rikvip and Tib.club, with online payment facilitated through an intermediary. It was Duong who worked with two police generals, Phan Van Vinh and Nguyen Thanh nguyen van duong rikvip Hoa, connecting them with Nam to ensure smooth operations.

In summary, without Nguyen Van Duong, Phan Sao Nam’s Rikvip gaming platform could not have achieved such immense success and profits in the billions of Vietnamese dong. Duong ingeniously managed this gambling network under the guise of the CNC company, a shield company under the oversight of the C50 Department of the Ministry of Public Security.

Nguyen Van Duong’s role in the Rikvip case

When the Rikvip card game platform was established, Phan Sao Nam expressed his desire to collaborate with Nguyen Van Duong, who agreed. Duong then directed his subordinates to purchase domain names, send promotional messages, and establish connections with third-party payment providers to facilitate smooth operations.

Simultaneously, Nguyen Van Duong submitted an application for operating permits for Rikvip, which was approved by Phan Van Vinh. Duong operated under the name of the CNS company, which served as the shield company for the C50 Department under the management of Director Nguyen Thanh Hoa. However, when Hoa’s subordinates discovered numerous violations in Rikvip, he did not take appropriate action or report them to higher authorities.

Once Duong gained the trust of higher-ranking individuals, he introduced Phan Sao Nam to Hoa, and together they operated the Rikvip platform with multiple level 1 agents and a variety of gambling games totaling 42. Duong’s main responsibility was to manage daily player deposits, calculate profits, and distribute percentages according to different targets.

It is evident that Nguyen Van Duong played a crucial role in this multi-billion gambling network. Therefore, based on the details of the case, it can be deduced whether Nguyen Van Duong was the mastermind behind Rikvip. From the time of its operation until his arrest, this gaming platform generated staggering profits of over 10,000 billion Vietnamese dong.