Journey to Recovery: Trails Carolina’s Holistic Healing

Journey to Recovery: Trails Carolina's Holistic Healing

The program combines outdoor adventure activities, individual and group therapy sessions, academic support, and life skills training to create a holistic healing environment. Reconnect: Trails Carolina’s wilderness therapy program takes place in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Participants spend most of their time outdoors hiking, camping, rock climbing, canoeing or engaging in other adventure activities. These activities are designed to challenge participants physically while also providing opportunities for self-reflection and personal growth. The natural setting provides an opportunity for participants to disconnect from technology and distractions of everyday life. This allows them to focus on building relationships with peers and staff members while developing new coping mechanisms through experiential learning.

Reflect: In addition to outdoor adventures, Trails Carolina offers individualized therapy sessions with licensed therapists who specialize in treating adolescents struggling with emotional or behavioral issues such as depression, anxiety disorders or substance abuse problems. Group therapy sessions provide additional support by allowing participants to connect with others who share similar struggles. Therapists use evidence-based treatment modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) among others depending on each participant’s unique needs. Restore: Academic support is provided through accredited online courses that allow students to continue their education while participating in the program. Life skills training helps participants develop practical skills such as cooking healthy meals or managing finances which can be useful when they return home after completing the program.

Trails Carolina’s transformative approach has helped many teenagers overcome challenges related to mental health issues like depression or anxiety disorders along with behavioral problems like substance abuse disorder etc., leading them towards long-term recovery success stories even after leaving the facility. In conclusion; Trails Carolina’s Reconnect-Reflect-Restore approach is a holistic and transformative way to help struggling teens and young adults overcome their challenges. The program provides an opportunity for participants to disconnect from technology, reflect on their experiences, and restore their mental health through outdoor adventure activities, individualized therapy sessions, academic support, and life skills training. Trails Carolina’s evidence-based treatment modalities have helped many teenagers achieve long-term recovery success stories even after leaving the facility.” “Trails Carolina is a wilderness therapy program that offers holistic healing to adolescents struggling with emotional and behavioral issues.